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Video Clips of Anna Harwell Celenza

Radio Interview on THE MUSIC SHOW with Andrew Ford (Australia, ABC National Radio)

George Gershwin was born in 1898, the same year as New York City, and his music, particularly his show tunes, celebrate the place. But he was also a composer who aspired (successfully) to write for the concert hall and the opera house. From Rhapsody in Blue to Porgy and Bess, his music (and life) are discussed afresh in The Cambridge Companion to Gershwin, and we speak to the book's editor, Anna Harwell Celenza.



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On Writing Children's Books

I was recently interviewed for the Podcast series DIYMFA. It was a lot of fun. You can listen to the complete interview here: http://diymfa.com/podcast/episode-90-music-storytelling-interview-anna-harwell-celenza
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Sinatra the Jazz Singer

December marks the centennial celebration of the birth of Francis Albert Sinatra – Ol’ Blue Eyes, the Chairman of the Board. Sinatra made his mark on American culture by excelling as a recording artist, performer and movie actor. From his days as the teen idol who made the bobbysoxers swoon with the Harry James Big  Read More 
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5 Things Frank Sinatra Taught Me about American Politics

I wrote an op-ed for the Dallas Morning News in August 2015. This was in celebration of the centennial of Sinatra's birth. Given all the talk about politics, I thought it might be fun to reflect for a moment on Sinatra's lifelong interest in political machinations.
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In Conversation: Arts and Activism

In this moderated discussion at the 2014 FMC Policy Summit, I was joined by the musicians Ceci Bastida, Shawn King , and Martín Perna.
The 2014 Future of Music Policy Summit tackled issues ranging from federal policy that impacts creators, access to media and technology, emerging business models, alternative arts funding structures and what’s coming  Read More 
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The Kennedy Center's Budapest, Prague & Vienna Festival (Spring 2012)

As a part of 'The Music of Budapest, Prague, and Vienna' celebration, the Kennedy Center interviewed various scholars and musicians about important events in the history, arts, and culture of central Europe.

For more information, please visit: http://www.kennedy-center.org/explorer/interactives/bpv/
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Stravinsky's Soldier's Tale at Georgetown University (December 2011)

This is a trailer for the performance on Sunday, December 4, 2011 at Georgetown University, Davis Performing Arts Center, Gonda Theater. The Soldier's Tale is by Igor Stravinsky. El Amor Brujo is by Manuel de Falla. The performance features the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, choreography by Igal Perry. The Soldier's Tale is directed by Anna Harwell  Read More 
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CODA roundtable discussion at 2011 Future of Music Policy Summit (October 2011)

co·da noun /ˈkōdə/ - the concluding passage of a piece or movement, typically forming an addition to the basic structure.

The 2011 FMC Policy Summit was about what tomorrow will hold, and the various tools, services and policies that can support a sustainable 21st century music ecosystem. The panelists touched on ticketing, licensing,  Read More 
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NPR Music: Making Music Matter On-Air and Online panel at Future of Music Coalition's 2009 Policy Summit.

Video archive of NPR Music: Making Music Matter On-Air and Online panel at Future of Music Coalition's 2009 Policy Summit.

Panelists: Bob Boilen, Host and creator of NPR's All Songs Considered; John Davis, Musician and Radio Host, WOXY; Anya Grundmann, Executive Producer of NPR Music; Josh Jackson, Special Projects Producer, WBGO; Anna Celenza, Thomas E.  Read More 
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Managing the Arts in Times of Economic Challenge

The McDonough School of Business and the Department of Performing Arts host a panel to discuss the opportunities and challenges of managing and promoting the performing arts during an economic recession. The panel is moderated by Murray Horwitz, award-winning performer, lyricist, and performing arts manager. Panel members include Anna Harwell Celenza, the chair of  Read More 
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